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Get more organized, stay connected and simply get more done.


A Powerful & Unified Digital workspace

Tired of Long Chains Of Emails? Tired of managing your client work on multiple apps? We’ve made issue tracking, cross-team collaboration and knowledge management dead simple.

The numerous insights we’ve gained through Ode’s community of NetSuite professionals and our NetSuite clients has continued to help us better understand YOU and build a workspace to enhance your workflow, leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Stay close when remote

Stay close to your clients, even when remote. Enable your client users to create support tickets from any NetSuite screen in a single click using our Chrome app.

Get work done effectively

Tired of the long chains of email? Our platform task dashboard helps you keep your work organized and prioritized for one or multiple NetSuite clients simultaneously.

Enjoy a fun Collaboration

Leverage our NetSuite community knowledge in just a click from your task dashboard. Bookmark interesting threads and start retaining knowledge.

We Enhance Your Freelancing Experience

How it works

Manage your tasks

Stay close to your clients (even when remote) by providing complete visibility into your assigned tasks and fostering collaboration with end users.

Crowdsource & Collaborate

Get help and crowdsource solutions on any one of our Slack community channels directly from your tasks list.

Viusalize your Workload

More than just a simple timeline, our project graph helps you focus on your highest priority tasks at the right time -- for one or multiple projects -- simultaneously.

One-Click NetSuite Ticketing

Our Chrome app allows your clients’ NetSuite users to directly send requests for support from any NetSuite screen. 

While Slack is great for quick chats, it’s easy to lose important  conversations. How about the hassle of tracking your work from multiple clients on multiple apps, or dealing with long email email chains? We’ve made everything dead simple!

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