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Mission Control

Powerful & Unified Workspace

While Slack is great for quick chats, it’s easy to lose important  conversations. And how about the hassle of tracking your clients’ work on multiple apps, such as Asana, BaseCamp, Trello, or even email, with no unified view of your workload?

odePlatform makes your NetSuite freelancing workflow dead simple.

We Upgrade Your Freelancing Experience

How it works

Manage Your Tasks

Tired of long chains of emails? Effectively manage your tasks and collaborate with your clients' counterparts and NetSuite users.

Gain & retain knowledge

odePlatform is powered by a collaborative community of experts ready to contribute their knowledge to your NetSuite work.

Visualize Your Workload

More than just a simple timeline, our Gig Graph displays your tasks for one or multiple project simultaneously and by due date and priority.

One-Click NetSuite Ticketing

Our Chrome app is available from any NetSuite screen and is extremely user friendly.

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