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Earn 65% of our service plan as a monthly monthly recurring income.

As of June, 2021, freelancers annual income (full-time for 11 months) = USD $194K /yr

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Frequently Asked Questions

We invite everyone interested in NetSuite to join us. Whether you are a newbie who wants to learn from more experienced peers or an expert who wants to build a team to help deliver larger client engagements, you’ll find all you need in the OdeCommunity.

Simply drop us a note with your first name, last name and email. A member of our crew will reach out to you. This is not an interview. We enjoy welcoming each new member personally and discussing how best to approach their experience within the community.

No. The NetSuite OdeCommunity is open to NetSuite freelancers, professional service consultants and Internal admins, as well as all NetSuite users. As opposed to other NetSuite user groups, we foster collaboration instead of just the usual Q&A. is an application we built to manage our clients’ work – manage project and track tasks. We also build a Chrome extension that allows our clients NetSuite user to submit support tickets from any screen and automatically sync with

If you’d like you can use this app for your own clients. Try it out:

With time and a large enough network of clients, you might be able to secure consistent gigs and gain more income stability. But the reality is that getting clients and consistent work is a major hassle in freelancing. OdeCloud’s business model was designed to solely secure consistent gigs for all freelancers at any level. 

The most common jobs clients outsource to OdeCloud are NetSuite administration, optimization and development. Our teams are composed of one or more functional and/or technical freelancers who deliver these services on-demand, in long-term engagements. 

This is an easy one. Yes, absolutely! OdeCloud has been a 100% remote freelance platform since it’s foundation in 2017. We have no plans to change that. However some projects may require occasional visits to client’s site. 

When you join OdeCloud, you are assigned to a team as the dedicated freelancer on a client’s subscription plan. The client’s monthly payments translate to monthly payouts to you, as a monthly recurring payout. Depending on your bandwidth, you could have multiple payout plans running simultaneously. Cash drops in automatically every month. No more worrying about past due invoices.

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