The Dark Night Of Talent Acquisition

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A great opportunity

There will be more and more disruptive technologies that requires new sets of expertise (Big data/Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Robotics, etc). While this represents an amazing opportunity for early stage and midsize businesses (as early adopters) to change the game and win against large enterprises in markets they have dominated for decades, it also represents an extremely difficult challenge: ACQUIRING TALENT.


The war for Talent

Large organizations will do much better in the area of talent acquisition, as they simply have more cash and human resources to put to the task. The risk for those early adopters (early-stage and midsize businesses) is that big guys catch up much faster with the new technology trends, as they now have a full house of experts on their payroll. At the end of the day, it’s simply not cost-effective for smaller organizations to hire a team of full-time employees whose skills encompass all the technology areas mentioned above.


But there is hope!

After 3 years of intense research, prototyping and testing, we have figured out the way to provide the firepower of an enterprise-level IT team for a startup budget. It’s not magic. It’s technology. It is ODECLOUD (On Demand Expertise in Cloud solutions).


A light in the dark

What if acquiring talent or hiring contractors wasn’t the right answer?


In its own way, OdeCloud is disrupting the Information Technology “Consulting” industry by providing an enterprise-class technology service perfectly suited for midsize and early-stage businesses running NetSuite. The important fact about this concept and the technology that supports it is that we designed, built, tested and implemented all of it with our NetSuite clients — including Capital Brands – NutriBullet— to ensure it really works, adds value to their business, and helps reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of NetSuite.

Thanks Russell Uyeda, Michael Chang and Jon Hirschi for giving us the opportunity to be Capital Brands’ NetSuite Administrators.

Do not hesitate to book my time for a 1:1 discussion on this topic. I would love to hear about your challenges to get the NetSuite talent your company needs and see how our concept could help.



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