OdeCloud’s Netsuite Admin Ticketing App Now Available! (BETA)

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Early on while I was developing OdeCloud’s business model of community-based, crowdsourced Netsuite consulting, there was one significant question that kept coming up:

What is the most effective and efficient way to scale a NetSuite Admin practice if user requests are constantly split between a number of different channels of communication (ex., emails, JIRA, Asana, random text messages, last minute phone calls, etc.)?

Typically in my experience, clients resorted to writing up lengthy, convoluted emails in order to submit simple service requests. They’d also end up CCing their entire department, resulting in an email chain of 100+ irrelevant comments and responses that would effectively bury the original problem.

It was then that I recalled that just a couple years prior, my friend Dean had once suggested the idea of building a ticketing app within NetSuite that would allow end users to submit support requests directly from NetSuite to the IT team. He pitched the idea with a working prototype that he had hastily put together with a custom record and a custom workflow.

What I liked most about this idea was the fact it created a much more simple and direct line of communication between the user and the IT staff. I instantly gave him a call and asked if he could help me set up the ticketing app in OdeCloud’s NetSuite account. In what may very well be the very first collaborative project of Odecloud’s NetSuite community, he and I developed the very first working version of OdeCloud’s ticketing app.

2 years later, and I’m happy to announce OdeCloud’s official beta version is now available!

Below are some of our highlighted features.

Submit request for support or customization directly from NetSuite

OdeCloud NetSuite ticketing is available from any NetSuite screen and is extremely user friendly.

We make user support easy. Have a Netsuite problem that needs a quick solution? We’re only one click away! Just look for our iconic “pink cloud” whenever you need assistance with NetSuite.

Receive the help you need to help get your work done on time

Your request appears in real-time on your dedicated NetSuite Admin’s task list.

No more worrying about long chains of email burying the original problem. We keep your work organized.

The brain power of an entire community of NetSuite experts at your disposal

The OdeCloud platform is powered by a collaborative community of experts ready to contribute their knowledge.

Leverage our pool of knowledge through crowdsourced consulting. Just like it says on our homepage: If you think 2 heads are better than one, think how much 20 or 2000 heads can accomplish!

Discover opportunities to optimize the way your company uses NetSuite

Your end user requests are tagged with Business Area and Business Process, allowing us to report on areas of your business with higher demand for support.

The OdeCloud NetSuite ticketing app is free for internal use on any NetSuite account.

For clients subscribed to an OdeCloud NetSuite Admin plan, ticketing and access to platform are included.

Give us a call so we can help set up your demo today!

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