Work Remote and Travel the World: The Perks of Being a Freelancer

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Work remote from different corners of the globe as a freelancer? Sign me up!

Working remote as a freelancer can lead to a number of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. If the world truly is our oyster, then why should we let our careers prevent us from taking advantage of everything this planet has to offer?

Other than the obvious benefit of removing a long, tiresome commute to a fixed workplace, working remote allows independent workers to combine hard, painstaking work and an adventurous, fulfilling sense of wanderlust.

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A significant number of the OdeCloud community know the joy of working remote, and with travel being as limited as it is right now due to a seemingly uncontrollable global pandemic, I enjoy hearing about each and every excursion.

Take NetSuite specialist Rena Lakiss for example: A self-described world traveler, Rena loves spending her free time touring the many countries of the world and immersing herself in its many beautiful cultures.

“I’m a world traveler. I dedicate my time — any free time that I have — in looking into new destinations, basically,” Rena said.

“It’s a crazy dream, but I always wanted to be the youngest girl to travel the world! But unfortunately, I just saw the new record — which is 26 years old — so I missed that one.

“[I’m always] basically looking at new destinations. It’s my passion. It’s my future.”

Out of the many places she’s been to, she says that she connected most with the countries of Turkey and South Africa, and she had plans to visit the African countries of Kenya, Madagascar and Ethiopia before the spread of COVID-19.

At her core, however, Rena very much loves being involved in the world of software and technology, constantly working to absorb all the knowledge she can in the subjects of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“I love to discover new technologies. I first became more interested into machine learning and artificial intelligence. That’s maybe, I can say, where I specialize my bachelor degree in,” said Rena.

“So I started developing on my own — new logics and new ways, new functionalities to improve the machine learning world.”

She firmly believes in the importance of remaining updated with all the latest news and insights concerning AI and machine learning, and she sees NetSuite as a viable platform to test new AI systems and algorithms.

The OdeCloud community is incredibly lucky to have such a cultured and driven NetSuite expert, and we can’t wait to see the impact she has on the tech world.

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