The Freedom and Flexibility of Freelancing — Introducing Nirosh!

freedom and flexibility
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Freedom and Flexibility: NetSuite expert Nirosh Ramachandran discusses the benefits of freelancing

When discussing the benefits of being a freelancer with OdeCloud‘s online community of NetSuite experts, freedom and flexibility are often at the top of the list.

And honestly, the true beauty of working independently is indeed rooted in the fact that you are your own boss: YOU choose your hours, YOU choose your workload, and YOU choose who you work with and where you work.

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For independent NetSuite consultant Nirosh Ramachandran, the case is no different. Starting as a CPM software consultant for a year and a half, Nirosh made the unexpected switch to NetSuite ERP, working in NetSuite for the past seven years.

Taking me through his thought process before going independent, he understood the risk that came with working independently, but he’s never once regretted it.

“It’s hard to leave a job with guaranteed pay, the comfort that comes with it — especially if you have bills, mortgages, whatever — to kinda go out on your own,” Nirosh said.

“But I got introduced by an old colleague to a partner, and that’s kinda how it all started — and it’s probably one of the best things that has happened to me.”

Nirosh says that moving into the NetSuite sphere and working independently has exponentially increased the amount of opportunities he’s received.

But if there’s one primary benefit he wants to pinpoint, it’s the freedom and flexibility that comes with being a consultant.

A newlywed that’s currently in the process of renovating his new house, freelancing has allowed Nirosh the kind of work-life balance that’s needed to take care of all his personal obligations in a timely manner.

“Just having flexibility — it’s one word, but the magnitude of that benefit is just through the roof,” said Nirosh.

“It’s like last year for instance — or the year before, when I started this in 2018 — I was in the midst of wedding planning, and that’s massively stressful. A lot of things flying at you last minute.

Just to be able to put things on pause or being able to adjust on the fly is fantastic.”

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