SuiteStars ERP: Elite NetSuite Consultants Help to Define OdeCloud Community

suitestars erp
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SuiteStars ERP: OdeCloud community member Rena Lakiss discusses her NetSuite expertise, as well as her business partnership with Louis-Philippe Baillargeon and Minh Bao Le.

SuiteStars ERP is a NetSuite Managed Services company made up of three elite OdeCloud community members: entrepreneur and freelance NetSuite expert Louis-Philippe Baillargeon, independent NetSuite consultant Henry (Minh Bao) Le, and NetSuite specialist Rena Lakiss.

We featured Minh’s story pretty recently in episode 14 of OdeCloud TV, speaking to him about the reasons why he chose to join the OdeCloud community and his experience as an eSports coach.

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It’s been quite some time since we last spoke to Louis-Philippe for episode 9, over the course of which we discussed his reasons for joining the OdeCloud community, as well as his need to constantly challenge himself and live life to its fullest.

At the time of both their respective interviews, however, SuiteStars was but a concept in the making. Looking to learn more about her own personal story with NetSuite and involvement with SuiteStars, I turned directly to Rena for the scoop.

“I was always really inspired by the technology and the future and how we can improve stuff; and let’s say, a big part of it is how to make a company run a lot better, and how difficult it is for a company to juggle between multiple things,” said Rena.

“And what’s really interesting is that NetSuite has ALL of that.”

After five years at the École de technologie supérieure in Montreal, Quebec, Canada earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering, she took on a handful of internships that taught her the basics of NetSuite, peaking her interest in the ERP software.

Meeting both Minh and LP at a former employer, it wasn’t long before the three friends opted to go off on their own to start SuiteStars.

“The guys are more like my friends before business partners, so when we actually got that trust together and we learned so much together, that’s where we actually put our feet down and we’re like, ‘Okay, let’s do something bigger.'”

Asking her about her hopes for SuiteStars, she simply wishes for the company to grow, estimating that they may possibly reach out into other industries following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asking her about where she sees her success taking her in a year from now, she hopes to continue building her professional network and, in particular, her relationships with other OdeCloud community members.

“Basically, I see myself — maybe in a year — enriched with a full circle of contacts, especially with [the] OdeCloud community,” Rena said.

“It’s amazing what you guys do — put together all those consultants and getting to know each other, help each other.”

OdeCloud is all about community over competition. We understand that many of the NetSuite freelancers and consultants part of our community have entrepreneurial aspirations outside of the freelance opportunities OdeCloud helps provide, so we do our best to help further those aspirations and support other small businesses working in the NetSuite space.

The OdeCloud community loves having the three founders of SuiteStars, and we hope to continue supporting them as fellow NetSuite experts!

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[…] PREVIOUS POST — SuiteStars ERP: Elite NetSuite Consultants Help to Define OdeCloud Community […]

3 months ago

Such a pleasure to listen to your interview. I remember speaking to LP a few years ago about his idea to build a Super NetSuite team. Really happy he did. I can’t think of better NetSuite consultants than you and your team. And yes, I am very much looking forward to all of us growing together!
Thanks for being such a valued member of the OdeCloud NetSuite community!