Reasons Why I Freelance: Rising to the Challenge of Independent Work

reasons why I freelance
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Louis-Philippe Baillargeon discusses one of the reasons he became a freelancer.

What are some of the reasons why you freelance?

We’ve previously discussed a few reasons why some of OdeCloud’s community members turned to freelancing. Most reasons revolved around our NetSuite experts simply desiring more time to do what they wanted, such as traveling or having more time with family.

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For senior NetSuite architect and serial hobbyist Louis-Philippe Baillargeon, the move from a corporate job to independent work allowed him the time to learn and explore other hobbies.

Following up our last discussion to dive a bit deeper, “LP” explained that the core reason why he freelances is the challenge of it all.

“Having done corporate for a couple years, I realized that I could wear multiple hats myself — either project manager or consultant or sales guy — and I thought I could try it all by myself…,” LP said.

“‘Cause I think that’s where you get to know yourself the most, right? And that’s where you have the most challenges, and that’s where you grow the most — and that really drives me.”

Whether it’s through his work or outside of it, LP is clearly the type of person that constantly wants to be challenged. By setting ambitious goals for himself and seeking out ways to grow, he consistently finds ways to keep life interesting and to continue moving forward.

When asked to describe a few specific challenges he’s had to face as a freelancer, he said the initial challenge involved his business and technical skills, including his understanding of NetSuite.

“For example, I’m doing NetSuite and NetSuite platform, and NetSuite is so large — it’s so complex and complete — that you can’t necessarily have all the answers and know how to do [everything] and answer every question,” said LP.

“So at first, that was the challenge — to ramp up and get up to speed for either specific industries or specific customers, like enterprise customers.”

In addition, LP mentioned that building strong, professional relationships with clients was a challenge, citing the fact that a client’s needs come first.

“You have your clients that are most likely needing you every other day or even more! So you have to keep up with all of those requests, making sure there is proper service, too.”

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