OdeCloud’s Primary Community Goal: Growing Together in NetSuite

growing together in netsuite
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NetSuite consultant Minh Bao Le discusses why he joined the OdeCloud community, as well as his hopes of growing together in NetSuite.

Growing together in NetSuite is one of the foundational ideas behind OdeCloud’s online community of freelance NetSuite experts.

As an individual consultant, it can be exceptionally difficult to reliably and rapidly improve our craft. At it’s core, freelancing can often be a rather lonely way to work.

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Knowing this, we at OdeCloud set out to create a platform that would allow NetSuite freelancers from all walks of life to directly assist each other on projects and easily exchange high-level knowledge.

And that’s exactly the reason why freelance NetSuite consultant Minh Bao Le thought it was an absolute no-brainer to join the OdeCloud community.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of something that that was growing together — not something that you know, you had one leader at the top where they just profit off everyone at the bottom, they’re all working for that person, etc.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of something that allows people to help each other out, that allows people to grow together.

And since NetSuite touches my work, it was kind of the perfect opportunity for me to help out others or others to help me out, and also be part of something that links everybody together.”

With the OdeCloud community, the days of working alone as lone wolf freelancers are long gone! Embracing the power of crowdsourcing, we take the expertise of one consultant and multiply is tenfold.

And it’s because of freelancers like Minh that we continue to focus on building up the OdeCloud community, hoping to revolutionize the way we think about work.

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It’s because of freelancers like Minh that we remain motivated in our endeavor to create the best freelancer community in the world.

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