OdeCloud Aiming to Become Leader in NetSuite-Related Content

netsuite-related content
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NetSuite-related content is all the craze here at OdeCloud, and Ahad Arain can’t wait to join in on the fun.

NetSuite-related content is a fairly new concept we’ve only started to explore here at OdeCloud, but it’s something that we hope will become the backbone of our ongoing initiatives to help grow our consultants’ expertise.

Now we already have a thriving community that has proven more than willing to reach out and help each other solve NetSuite-related issues and relay all the best practices. The issue is that much of that knowledge tends to be lost in the scramble, getting pushed into the archives of Slack.

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With so much information going in and out, we often lose track of certain threads or end up seeing similar topics come up. In an effort to find a solution to this problem, OdeCloud has done its best to create more and more NetSuite-related content to help answer some frequently asked questions.

Now that NetSuite expert Ahad Arain is on board, we hope to ramp up our efforts and seize the opportunity to help NetSuite consultants and NetSuite clients everywhere.

“There are a lot of questions that are asked not just by freelancers, but even by clients on our website. I think that provides an opportunity for us,” Ahad said.

“If someone is asking that question either on our website or even internally in our channel or in our group, it hints to me that there’s a need — whether it’s a tutorial video or a session that we can have internally or some app that we need to develop to spread more broadly based on client requests.

“Whatever it is, I wanna make sure that we have a venue to be able to share those ideas and help both clients and our community alike.”

Ahad outlined his idea of starting a podcast to hopefully discuss more NetSuite-related content, as well as his intention to create more ways for clients to reach out to OdeCloud for expert NetSuite advice.

Noting that there’s already a good amount of NetSuite-related content to digest via the NetSuite Help Center or SuiteAnswers, the fact of the matter is that NetSuite clients often times have no idea what to look for or simply have a difficult time navigating and understanding all of that content.

“There’s a bunch of information that’s available on the NetSuite Help portal. It’s very, very informative for people like you and me and other people that are a part of this platform that are NetSuite experts; it’s very challenging for a client to digest that information,” said Ahad.

“There’s a lot of clutter, there’s a lot of stuff that they may not need.”

And that’s really where expert NetSuite consultants come into the picture — they’re there to help translate all that information, all that knowledge into actionable methods to help their clients.

Ahad wants to take it a step further, however, hoping to develop NetSuite-related content aimed at assisting NetSuite clients who might not have the technical expertise of an OdeCloud consultant.

“I don’t know about you, but for me, if I were a client, I’d be much more adept to following a 2-3 minute video versus reading a 1-page, step-by-step instruction article where I may or many not know where to go.

“So I kinda wanna bridge that gap, make it easier for folks to be able to learn NetSuite, regardless of their background, regardless of whether they’re in finance or in accounting.

“You don’t have to be a NetSuite expert to do a lot of neat things in NetSuite that could make your day job a lot easier.”

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