NetSuite Freelancers: Where Do We Go When We Need Help?

netsuite freelancers
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NetSuite freelancers can find the assistance they need when joining the OdeCloud community.

NetSuite freelancers tend to work independently, so where exactly do they turn to when they need help?

Of course, NetSuite does offer their own online support center, and there are also NetSuite-related forums such as SuiteAnswers that contain a number of helpful articles.

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But it can be an absolute pain sifting through endless waves of long-form content, looking for a fast and easy answer. Sometimes, you might not even understand what you’re searching for.

And that pretty much leads us to the reason why NetSuite freelancer Nirosh Ramachandran opted to join OdeCloud’s online community of NetSuite experts in the first place: the OdeCloud community is the simplest solution to finding a simple answer for all your NetSuite-related problems.

“One of the hardest things about being a consultant — whether it’s working alone or working in a company — is just like, knowledge transfer and learning answers, learning about the software, learning solutions. It’s incredibly hard sometimes to figure out ideas, figure out solutions to a problem.

“So when Osar reached out to me, told me that, ‘Hey, you know we have this community that’s happening where we have a kind of knowledge transfer happening — a huge knowledge base with consultants where we share ideas, help each other provide solutions. I thought that was a really, really great idea.

“It kind of addresses one of the biggest challenges in our industry, just kinda where do we go when we need help, right? Sometimes, SuiteAnswers can only do so much.”

Nirosh explained that while he has his own personal network of NetSuite consultants, he prefers not to bug them too much, especially if they are busy with other projects.

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Additionally, Nirosh was excited about the opportunity to beta test the OdePlatform, which is being designed to help NetSuite freelancers like him get the most out of their client projects.

“Just having a collaborative community where you can kinda go get help from other people, help other folks, learn the software a bit more, transfer knowledge — thought it was a bit of a no brainer to kinda join that.”

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