NetSuite Freelancer Applies eSports Skills to Career as Consultant

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NetSuite Freelancer Minh Bao Le proves how his skills as an eSports coach benefits his career as a consultant.

Have you ever wanted to immediately improve your career as a consultant, but don’t quite know where to start or how to do it?

Sometimes, the process is as easy as looking at the skills you practice outside of work and learning how to apply them to your career as a consultant!

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For OdeCloud community member and freelance NetSuite expert Minh Bao Le, working as a consultant comes fairly easy to him, especially when you consider his experience as both an eSports coach and former Vietnamese school teacher.

Discussing both in detail, Minh mentions how being a coach and teacher allows him to better his relationships with clients and identify certain problem points.

“When you’re a teacher, you have to be able to read how your student is comprehending what you’re telling them. You have to be able to say see, okay well, he’s not really understanding what you just explained — let me rephrase it,” said Minh.

“And same thing with being a consultant: Sometimes you explain something to the customer — you have a lot of years of experience, you know what you’re talking about — but they don’t necessarily have the same background as you.

“So whenever you explain something to them, you have to understand that maybe they don’t understand at first, and you have to be able to read all the little cues or all the little things that they’re telling you verbally or [through] body language that they’re not understanding.

“Reading the other person, reading their state of mind is something that really helps me a lot in my consulting job.”

Minh also mentioned how his work as a coach allows him to further develop his social skills, giving him and his team the opportunity to learn how to better communicate effectively and work cooperatively.

Now as a fellow sports coach and teacher, I wholeheartedly agree with Minh’s assessment of his skills as being beneficial to his work as a consultant.

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Coaching and teaching very much allows me the opportunity to further develop my communication skills, not to mention my overall levels of patience and insight.

As a fellow gamer, however, I never once thought to actively apply those skills to my work as a freelancer. Video games often carry a negative stigma, but as discussed by Minh, cooperative and competitive gaming can certainly produce a number of real life benefits.

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We’re incredibly happy to have such a unique perspective in the OdeCloud community, and this only makes me more excited to dive deeper into the hobbies of our other community members.

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4 months ago

Henry, thanks for sharing your story with us. I very much relate to your experience of being able to apply your transferable skills from being a video game coach and teacher to your NetSuite consulting career. Outside my NetSuite work I am very involved in building communities of musicians and superfans. It’s all about creating excitement towards a common interest. I tend to use many of those community building skills in my NetSuite gigs to make the client’s team really excited about the NetSuite project. But mostly I use it to build our NetSuite professionals community and make sure we… Read more »


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