NetSuite Consultants Provide High-Level Training in OdeCloud Community

netsuite consultants
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NetSuite consultants like Cassius Kellogg join the OdeCloud community to build upon their expertise.

NetSuite consultants that join the OdeCloud community each have a different reason for doing so.

Whether they’re looking for more opportunities for high-paying gigs or simply looking to exponentially expand their network, our community always works to find what benefits each individual the most.

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For NetSuite veteran Cassius Kellogg, one of his primary foci with the community has always been the exchange of high-level NetSuite knowledge and expertise.

He specifically mentions the benefit of having such a diverse group of NetSuite experts that are capable of explaining and demonstrating a wide range of both technical and functional NetSuite skills.

“This community offers someone that doesn’t have a lot of expertise in one area or multiple areas inside of NetSuite to now have access to that expertise,” Cassius said.

“And whether you want to pull in a member of the community to work on on a project that you’re on, or if you just want to get trained by someone that’s in the community, a lot of of the people are just doing training opportunities where they’ll coach you through various subject matters that you want to learn.

“And I think that’s been fantastic. I’ve gotten a lot of helpful hints.”

On the flip side of that coin, Cassius very much enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge when need be. He finds a great deal of value in the reciprocative nature of the community, which ensures that every member continues to grow together.

“I’ve also been able to collaborate the opposite way, so it’s kind of a give-and-take relationship, which is what you want in a community. You don’t want to be just the guy absorbing and asking questions nonstop,” Cassius added.

“Definitely been the one that’s asked questions; also thankfully been the one that’s given answers to other people’s questions. So I think just that collaborative environment with some really, really smart individuals — and that’s just been building and building.”

Also of note: Cassius mentioned how excited he was to see a new OdeCloud community member whom he recognized from blog posts he had read previously.

In regards to our ongoing efforts with providing more value to the community, it’s actually one of my biggest hopes to create a space that naturally invites some of the most renowned names in NetSuite.

Hearing about well-known NetSuite bloggers joining the community makes me that much more optimistic about the possible scope of the community, so cheers to building this community to new heights in 2021!

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[…] PREVIOUS POST — NetSuite Consultants Provide High-Level Training in OdeCloud Community […]