Lifelong Learning with Louis-Philippe Baillargeon

Swimming with the Big Sharks
netsuite freelancer
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Expert NetSuite freelancer and new OdeCloud community member Louis-Philippe Baillargeon is absolutely obsessed with living his best

Based out of Montréal, Québec, Canada, “LP” has quickly proven himself to be a welcome addition to the OdeCloud family. When asked to be a part of the Ode TV initiative, he was more than willing to share his story.

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The only problem: the interview would have to be postponed for a few weeks due to both his intense schedule as a NetSuite freelancer and an upcoming trip he had planned.

So when we finally did find the time, I was absolutely amazed to learn that not only did his vacation take place in the incredibly beautiful nation of Belize, but he had just come back from a small diving experience…with an unexpected twist.

“So, I dove with sharks — which was something I was really afraid of doing, but I really like to push my limits,” LP said.

“I dove with these 8-10 feet long sharks. It’s pretty scary when you’re in the boat, but as soon as you get in the water, you get to see the whole picture: You see the sharks, and you get to see how beautiful they are. It was a really great experience.”

Much like the previous four freelancers I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, LP revealed himself to be an avid traveler. Before spending some time in the US for a job, he took six months to study abroad in Asia, visiting places such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In fact, it was during a road trip down the West Coast of the United States that LP was able to coordinate a meetup in San Francisco with OdeCloud’s Osar Iyamu. Visiting Bespoke SF for a NetSuite freelancer meetup, LP notably won a fun bouldering competition, displaying his great love for rock climbing.

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And as he’s continued to expand his horizons, he’s actually developed into something of a polymath. He’s recently started to get into painting and drawing, and he plans on spending time to learn both Spanish and Portuguese.

He blames his natural curiosity and innate inability to limit himself to one particular hobby as the reasons why he can’t seem to stop acquiring new skills.

“I have a big issue, and the issue is very simple: I’m very curious, and I like…everything. I would say most things, but no, I’m going to say everything.

“What I like about rock climbing, painting, drawing and things that I think will push me to be better as a person and to develop more skills is just the continuous personal growth that I’m aiming for.

“I think it makes me feel alive to have that continuous challenge as I try to push myself to the next episode of fun in my life.”

Be sure to stay tuned next month when I feature this NetSuite freelancer in future episodes of OdeCloud TV!

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