Developing a Workplace Atmosphere for Expert NetSuite Freelancers

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NetSuite Freelancers: Are you looking to expand your network in 2020? Reach out to OdeCloud!

NetSuite freelancers that join OdeCloud‘s community of experts are in for a treat in 2020.

Spending a good chunk of our resources to help build our NetSuite community from the ground up in 2019, we’re incredibly happy to be where we are now with the Slack and our revolutionary freelancing platform, and we’re excited for everything we have planned.

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Now, part of building an awesome community is finding community leaders, and one of the community members that has really stood out to us is freelance NetSuite expert and entrepreneur, Louis-Philippe Baillargeon.

Last time we spoke to LP, he had just come back from a trip to Belize, where he experienced diving with sharks for the first time. This time around, we discussed his experience with OdeCloud and how its helped benefit his work as a NetSuite freelancer.

“I think (my experience with OdeCloud) has been more than great so far. Everyone in OdeCloud and all the channels we communicate through are very experienced, very professional, but at the same time, very friendly, which are qualities that I think we look for in colleagues — and in friends, as well,” LP said.

“I’m establishing a lot of good relationships with people that I’m working with on the same customers they’re working with, and just on the platform, helping each other out — just a great community.”

The last four NetSuite freelancers I’ve spoken to — Thierry Klesse, Howard Szeto, Ryan Longenecker and Louis-Philippe Balliargeon — have continued to play a significant part in our community.

Whether they’re welcoming newcomers into the community, answering NetSuite inquiries or asking questions of their own, we know we can always count on them to actively engage other community members.

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So if you’re a NetSuite freelancer looking to expand your network — or simply an independent worker looking to re-establish the sense of workplace camaraderie — then we encourage you to reach out to us to see whether OdeCloud is the right fit for YOU!

We’re always on the lookout for active members who enjoy sharing their knowledge and are willing to take the extra step in helping lead the charge. We hope you consider this opportunity to help build the greatest community of NetSuite freelancers…ever.

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