COVID-19: How Do We Help Clients in the Midst of a Global Pandemic?

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Sara Dickinson, expert CPA and CFO of Continuous Scale, talks with OdeCloud about how she goes about helping her clients through the time of COVID-19.

Amidst the political chaos, environmental issues and growing cases of social unrest across the entire globe, the one primary constant that has continued to significantly affect our lives in 2020 is the ever-concerning spread of COVID-19.

Yet despite the experts of the business world reassuring the public that everything will be fine, the fact of the matter is that whether they like it or not, business owners of every size have been forced into what could very well be considered a trial by fire — an all-encompassing, indiscriminate inferno that can either make or break a growing brand.

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In regards to master CPA and NetSuite expert Sara Dickinson, the company for which she is the CFO and founder, Continuous Scale, has seen a solid amount of growth, largely due to her company’s focus on developing strong professional relationships with each individual client.

Her ultimate sense of fulfillment is genuinely rooted in how she goes about helping her clients find their own professional success, most especially in the time of COVID-19.

“I realize after 11 years in corporate life, my definition of success is helping other people reach their dreams and realize success in their individual worlds,” Sara said. “And that’s really the basis of my business, is helping people achieve their goals.”

“So there’s really been an opportunity for me in COVID to help other people through this economic crisis, and I’m doing that on multiple levels right now, just as I find where the needs are….”

She listed off a number of ways she’s helped provide assistance to other small business owners and entrepreneurs, doing her best to keep her clients as well educated as possible and walking them through the financial implications of various economic problems associated with COVID-19.

For example, she mentioned informing her clients about the PPP loan forgiveness process and the tax implications of being unemployed due to COVID-19 concerns, as well as helping certain clients raise fundraising through equity or debt financing.

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As far as what she plans to achieve by the end of 2020, she simply hopes that everything she and her company does will have a profound effect on helping her clients reach their dreams — or, at the very least, solidifying a path on which they can eventually reach their dreams.

Sara’s motivations as a businessperson inspires us at OdeCloud to continue working on building strong, profound relationships with our individual clients. We’re so lucky to have her take such an involved role in our online community and hope many more are inspired to follow by her example.

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