Building a NetSuite Network with the OdeCloud Community

Need help with NetSuite? OdeCloud has you covered.
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ATTENTION NETSUITE EXPERTS: Are you looking to building to join a network of other freelance NetSuite consultants? Look no further than OdeCloud’s online community!

The number one thing I hear as the host of OdeCloud TV is how uncomfortable it can sometimes feel working as a lone wolf freelancer.

A huge part of the freelancing lifestyle is learning how to go it alone, but that can certainly be jarring when you’ve spent a good chunk of your life working a conventional 9-to-5 in a prototypical corporate workplace.

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OdeCloud co-founder Osar Iyamu understood this better than most and knew something had to be done. It was that feeling of isolation and overall lack of workplace support that inspired the need for the OdeCloud community.

For veteran freelancer and longtime NetSuite consultant Howard Szeto, joining the OdeCloud community was an absolute no-brainer because it not only provided him with a unique network, but it also gave him access to what is essentially a Wikipedia for NetSuite experts.

“I remember there was one client in particular in Santa Monica. I went on site to them, and they had this huge problem, huge issue with trying to implement NetSuite,” Howard said, recalling a unique interaction with a former client in Southern California.

“They would ask me all these questions, and I was honest about it! I was like, ‘Well I’ve never done that before. Sure I can figure it out. Here are some similarities with the projects that I’ve done in the past.’ And it’s so funny that being that honest actually got me the gig, actually got me the project, because they knew I wasn’t trying to sell them anything — and that’s kind of the mentality I’ve always done.

“But with a network of people like OdeCloud and the network of people on the Slack channel that I have access to, I think [it’s] allowed me to say, ‘Even if I can’t figure it out, I know that I have a resource, a network of people that somewhere in there, someone has figured it out, someone has done the coding, someone has implemented that module.’

“And it allowed me to get a little more confident to go out there and actually do business.”

Howard is widely regarded as an incredible NetSuite expert, and we’re lucky to have him as part of the community; that being said, not every expert has all the answers, which is why being part of a NetSuite collective like OdeCloud has been so beneficial.

Whenever Howard runs into a problem on the job, he has other OdeClouders to fall back on, and each of our NetSutie experts have been more than willing to share their knowledge and assist on projects.

This is the foundation on which we hope to continue building our proud network of freelance NetSuite consultants, and I hope I continue to hear more stories like this!

Check out the entirety of my conversation with Howard below via Anchor!

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Osar Iyamu
Osar Iyamu
10 months ago

Howard thanks for sharing your experience with OdeCloud. One thing you said that truly resonates with me is the fact that it is ok to tell your client that you don’t know. That’s one greatest things clients get when working directly with the experts as opposed to discussing requirements with a sales guy or Project Manager from a consulting firm, who will for sure say, “yes, absolutely all of that can be done. In my experience even before OdeCloud, when I told my clients, I don’t know, and tell them I’ll reach out to find out or learn about it,… Read more »


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