The Benefits of Joining a NetSuite Partner vs. Being an Independent Consultant

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NetSuite partner looking to add consultants? Cassius Kellogg discusses why he chose to work with a NetSuite partner rather than go independent.

Joining a NetSuite partner is a pretty safe bet for aspiring NetSuite consultants looking to get their feet wet.

As a matter of fact, most consultants that go independent are often career veterans who already have a well of experience, in addition to well-established networks and practices. They’ve traversed the corporate world thrice over, and they have enough knowhow and willpower to pioneer a path for themselves.

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So for NetSuiters just starting out, working for a NetSuite partner makes a ton of sense. NetSuite partners can provide a significant amount of trusted, reliable resources right off the bat, which can not only jump start the careers of greener consultants looking to develop their networks and expertise, but accelerate them in a fast and effective way.

OdeCloud community member and NetSuite expert Cassius Kellogg is one such person who opted to join a NetSuite partner rather than go independent, primarily due to the stability that comes with working for an established company.

“Six months ago as of today, my first son — and my only child so far — was born. So that was, I think, one big reason. That’s now over a year’s worth of time that I knew that I’d be bringing my own child into this world,” Cassius said.

“Then the whole COVID thing kind of came up and that’s just built even more — I don’t want to say ‘fear,’ but in a way, it is kind of a fear.

I’m gonna resort to more of the safety net, and I think working for a partner or working within an organization gives you a little bit more security, more safety than if you were truly independent as a freelancer.”

While Cassius admits that he often takes the safe route with many of his life decisions, I completely understand where he’s coming from because fear of the unknown is a completely rational feeling to have.

On top of that, Cassius was sure to cite the many roles one must play as a single-person company, often acting as your own sales rep, marketing lead and accountant.

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So while he loves to keep up with OdeCloud and feels there might be a day he regrets not diving into the world of independent consulting, he genuinely feels he’s able to work more effectively alongside a NetSuite partner.

“I like spending my time on things I enjoy most, and I really enjoy the consulting — specifically, NetSuite consulting,” said Cassius.

“I’m able to actually spend more time doing consulting by working for a NetSuite partner than I would be if I was 100 percent a freelancer or independent consultant.”

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