Becoming a NetSuite Consultant and Tech Entrepreneur: Introducing Spencer Linder

netsuite consultant
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OdeCloud community member Spencer Linder loves what he does as a NetSuite consultant.

It’s always amazingly clear to me when someone loves what they do for a living.

In the case of Spencer Linder, the level of enthusiasm he has when discussing his career path — his roots, his current ventures and where he sees everything panning out — is incredibly refreshing.

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The fact of the matter is that NetSuite consulting isn’t the “sexiest” of careers. As the host of OdeTV, I often like to challenge members of the community, teasing that no child grows up wanting to be a freelance NetSuite consultant.

Most agree, admitting that they never saw themselves going down the NetSuite route until it was thrust upon them due to one job or another. For Spencer, it was actually a chance LinkedIn encounter with a recruiter, which he says “changed his life.”

“I’ve always kinda wanted to run my own business, and I really like having a lot of agency in my life,” said Spencer. “I always knew that was a path I wanted to follow.”

“When I got done with school — it’s kind of a funny story — I was gonna work for Oracle. I don’t think I’d signed the papers yet, but I had a start date ready; I was ready to go.

“NetSuite recruiter changed my life with a single LinkedIn InMail, and it’s kinda funny, she was like, ‘Hey we got this interesting program — business development representative program with NetSuite. We’re hiring one more person in Austin’ — that’s where I was at the time.

“I just said yeah, I’d be interested in doing that….”

Fresh out of college, Spencer went into lead generation and inbound/outbound sales for NetSuite before finding his true passion on the technical side of the platform.

He followed that up by going into professional services as an operations analyst, leaving that position to become a business systems consultant.

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Diving deeper into his career aspirations and motivations, Spencer explained that he’s only recently started to lay the groundwork for his own software startup, naming his grandfather as his entrepreneurial role model.

But more on that in the next episode of OdeTV!

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