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A new kind of NetSuite Freelancing & community

OdeCloud NetSuite Community is a place where you can ask questions, get help and help others solve the issues they face with NetSuite. Additionally, we share tips, ideas and other cool stuff we discover in NetSuite. The main objective of the community is to collaborate to get our work done with the highest quality and faster, no matter what company/client we work for.

We invite experienced NetSuite freelancers, admins and solution architects to join us. If you are a NetSuite expert and solution architect who wants to build a team to help deliver larger client engagements, you’ll find all you need in our NetSuite Community.

Our sign-up process starts with an invitation from a community member.  We enjoy welcoming each new member personally and see how we can help them get the best experience of the community.

Our community is solely composed of NetSuite experts (freelancers, consultants and company internal NetSuite admins). As opposed to the usual NetSuite user groups, we foster collaboration instead of just the usual Q&A.

Slack allows us to instantly connect to our community beyond the barriers of corporate organizations. However, with time, knowledge management has become an issue due to older discussions being deleted by Slack. We built the OdePlatform to help you sync your favorite Slack conversations or threads to your own knowledge base and keep it FOREVER, for FREE.

Getting clients and consistent work is a major hassle in freelancing. OdeCloud NetSuite “managed services” model was designed to solely secure consistent and long-term  engagements with NetSuite clients, which in return allows us to provide consistent gigs and recurring revenue to all freelancers in the OdeCloud NetSuite community

The most common jobs NetSuite clients outsource to OdeCloud are NetSuite Solution Architecture, Administration, Optimization and Development. Our teams are composed of one or more functional and/or technical freelancers who deliver these services on-demand, in long-term engagements.

Yes absolutely! We saw the future before anyone did. Way before COVID-19 we were already running a 100% remote business. We’ve built tools and processes allowing you to achieve the highest performance remotely, without loosing connection with your clients or your NetSuite community.

When you join OdeCloud as a Freelancer, you are added to a team to help deliver NetSuite services to a client on consistent basis.  The client’s monthly subscription translates to a consistent monthly payouts to you and the team assigned to that client. Depending on your bandwidth, you could have multiple payout plans running simultaneously. Our mission: You do what you enjoy – we take care of getting you the right opportunities and consistent pay every month