Digital workspace for
NetSuite freelancers

Yeah, working remotely is great. But don’t you miss a few things from the office? We do.

The First-Ever Digital Platform For NetSuite Freelancing

Stay connected while remote. Get more organized. Get more done.

Solo freelancing

  • Meet other freelancers and make new friends
  • Collaborate, get support and help others
  • Manage tasks, workload and bandwidth

Team freelancing

  • Crowdsource expertise and build teams
  • Manage multiple teams and projects
  • Balance team workload across multiple projects

Remote work
Connected clients & teams

Stay closer to your clients and teams. Grow your network and stay engaged with your professional community.

An All-in-One Digital Workspace

All-in-one digital workspace

Our unified platform makes issue tracking, cross-team collaboration and knowledge management as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Workload balancing

Keep good track of your workload. At a glance, know what’s ahead and what got left behind.

Workload Balancing

Easy-Access NetSuite Ticketing

Easy-access NetSuite ticketing

Our Chrome extension allows your clients’ NetSuite users to send support tickets from any NetSuite screen in real time ➟ Directly to your freelancer task dashboard.

Together it's more fun!

Get the best tools to help crowdsource NetSuite solutions and retain NetSuite expertise.

Together It's More Fun!

Get the best tools to help crowdsource NetSuite solutions and retain NetSuite expertise.

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Osar Iyamu

Founder, CEO &
NetSuite Solution Architect

It's really exciting to be part of this thriving NetSuite community, and to build a technology platform that offers advanced productivity tools and community support for freelancers and their clients -- and this is just the beginning."

More than a digital workspace, we are building a community of the best NetSuite experts.